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Do you find yourself repeating the same old patterns, but have no idea why?

You may be self-sabotaging.

Self-sabotage is when we unconsciously hinder, or set up roadblocks to our own success – often driven by fear, insecurity, self-doubt or low self-worth – leaving us feeling distressed, stuck and stagnant.

You may find yourself getting into the same old dysfunctional romantic relationships causing emotional stress and overwhelm, or maybe you constantly people-please to gain validation leaving you feeling burnt out and resentful, or perhaps you engage in avoidant tactics that stop you from having the connection and intimacy you crave with others.

Whatever your unique pattern is, it is possible to break it.

Through a unique blend of transformational coaching and somatic healing, I help women identify the source of their self-sabotaging behaviour, the inner barriers, emotional blocks and subconscious limiting beliefs keeping them stuck, and equip them with tools to integrate behaviour change on a tangible level so they stop sabotaging themselves from the love, life or career they yearn for.

When you learn to fully own your unique behaviour patterns, you empower yourself to transform them.

Past patterns do not have to rule your future.

I help heart-led women heal unhelpful behaviour patterns so they can have healthy, vibrant love lives, harmonious relationships and fulfilling careers. Are you ready to get out of your own way?

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Blending a range of modalities from CBT, NLP, Somatic Parts Work and IFS, I deliver private 1-1 coaching to help you banish self-sabotaging behaviour for good. I create a non-judgemental, nurturing space for each and every client I serve, so you can safely explore and excavate any unconscious patterns, self-sabotaging behaviours, unmet needs, unprocessed emotions or limiting beliefs keeping you stuck on the same ol’ merri-go-round. Throughout the coaching journey, you will find healthier ways to meet your needs, tools to safely process your emotions and techniques to kick self-doubt to the curb so you can move forward with self-awareness, emotional resilience, and new, more effective ways of operating in the world.




one-off somatic coaching session / 75 MINS

Somatic Coaching focuses on the body’s role in processing emotions and experiences. Whilst transformational coaching (or traditional therapy) is described as a ‘top-down’ approach, where raising cognitive awareness of behavioural and emotional patterns can incite change, Somatic Coaching is described as a ‘bottom-up’ approach in which patterns are changed through the body’s movements. We need both for behaviour change to occur. Somatic Coaching helps to cultivate mind-body awareness and provide a safe container for you to feel and process emotions held within your body. You'll learn tools to regulate your Nervous System when activated, process unconscious thought patterns, transform unconscious behaviour patterns, build emotional resilience and create a safe, secure foundation within yourself so you feel equipped to manage life’s curveballs with deep self-trust and confidence. In a typical Somatic Coaching session, you can expect to work with body-based techniques such as somatic movement, breathwork, embodiment and guided meditation.

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Coaching with Georgie was such an overwhelmingly positive experience. I felt low but through Georgie’s positive encouragement, listening and understanding along with tailored tools to help me work through my specific struggles I feel like I’ve gained a more positive outlook on what I’m doing now and a clearer insight into what I want to achieve in the future. She allows you to open up about any struggles and helps you identify what might be causing them - it’s not just someone giving you the answer you want to hear but rather helping you figure it out for yourself. Georgie’s positivity is magnetic - I felt so comfortable and un-judged speaking with her about my issues. I would encourage anyone who is having trouble with anxiety or going through any emotional hurdles to engage with Georgie!


I couldn't have asked for a more supportive, understanding and encouraging coach. Georgie really helped me gain more focus and clarity on the kind of things I want from life. This ranged from some of my deeper desires and emotional career changes, down to more practical organisational and time management skills. It was so nice to catch up every 2 weeks and be in a really open, confidential and supportive space. I felt that Georgie was always so genuine, understanding and reassuring with everything I had to say. She is an excellent listener and would always pick up on every word I said - she is super organised and remembers everything! After every session she would check-in and follow up to help reiterate and clarify what we had focused on in the session. After only 6 sessions I feel a huge improvement with my sense of direction in life and couldn't have done it without her. I would recommend Georgie in a heartbeat!


The biggest gain I made from my sessions with Georgie was clarity and a feeling of freedom from some of the things stressing me out or negative thought patterns. In my sessions, Georgie helped guide me to discovering the root of of the roadblocks. Being able to identify them helped me acknowledge and release them. She also helped me uncover some tools to get me back into the high-vibe mindset where I do my best work. She is kind, compassionate, grounded and knows her stuff. She listens intently and asks questions that get to the root of things. I always left my sessions feeling calm, motivated and with increased clarity. She listens intently, asks thoughtful questions and creates a comfortable space for you to discover more clarity in your life and business. Our sessions together made a positive impact in both my professional and personal life. I can't thank her enough. I would wholeheartedly recommend Georgie!

Working with Georgie has been transformational. Over the course of 3 months, I’ve been able to re-shift my thought patterns and - for the first time in my life - start to make decisions that feel right for me in a guilt free way. That has felt truly freeing and empowering. When I started sessions with Georgie, I was struggling with a constant pattern of negative, spiralling and anxious thoughts. These were often paired with finding it difficult to have, or face up to, challenging conversations. Our sessions have taught me to be more present, be accepting of my feelings and find techniques to deal more easily with ruminating thoughts. Working with Georgie has been transformational. She’s a compassionate and understanding coach with the biggest heart. Georgie has made me look at my challenges through a completely different lens. No matter the ‘weight’ of the issue, our sessions are upbeat and filled with constant questioning and reflection… as well as a huge amount of giggles in between. Georgie is always the first to celebrate my successes - no matter how small - and has made me see the huge progress I’ve made, all with her support and guidance!


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