Hey, I'm Georgie


I spent many years acting out unhelpful patterns - from people-pleasing, procrastination and perfectionism through to co-dependent or avoidant dynamics – all keeping me stuck, stagnant and in a perpetual state of emotional stress and overwhelm. Trust me: I know how frustrating it is. The resounding question was: “How am I here AGAIN!?”

It's easy to project our patterns outwards. To blame external triggers, circumstances or people. But the hard truth? I was the common denominator. I was getting myself into these patterns. I was the one repeating them.

Therefore, it was up to me to change them.

Once I owned, embraced, understood, accepted and found compassion for my patterns and the subconscious roots from which they stemmed, I was able to heal them. I was able to tend to the wounded parts of myself (shame and low self-worth) that were motivating my dysfunctional behaviour. Through deep inner work and self-enquiry, I was able to access the parts of myself that could operate and behave from a more helpful place.

Now, I’m able to quickly notice patterns if they arise, navigate the triggers that would have previously compelled me to engage in them, tend to the wound beneath the compulsion, give myself what I need in that moment from a compassionate, resourced place - enabling me to operate and behave in a more functional, effective way that helps me create the life I want, rather than hinder it.

My mission is to help you do the same, because everyone deserves to live a life of peace, pleasure and liberation.

'it's not the
mountains we conquer:
but ourselves.'

- sir edmund hillary


In my early-to-mid twenties, I felt lost, unfulfilled and completely disconnected from myself, exhausted to the point of burnout due to people pleasing tendencies and the stresses of a demanding and thankless job. Desperately trying to fit into the London lifestyle, establish a 'successful' career path, keep up with social pressures and cultural expectations whilst dealing with the aftermath of a toxic breakup, I soon spiralled into anxiety, suffering regular panic attacks and un-regulated emotional outbursts. Struggling to maintain any self-esteem and emotional resilience and feeling tearful nearly every day, I was eventually diagnosed with clinical depression and signed off work. 

Not one to take things lying down, I threw myself into the work required to re-connect, rediscover and rebuild. I invested in therapists, coaches, bought books, took up various healing modalities and most importantly, I did the work. I delved deep. I confronted and got friendly with my shadow. I opened myself up to raw un-edited vulnerability. I re-connected with soul and intuition. I conquered my limiting beliefs, discovered my deepest darkest desires and realised I was actually capable of achieving them. I found courage, self-confidence and deep self-worth. I rediscovered my purpose and unlimited potential and felt a deep sense of inner peace and power.

 So, take it from me. I know what it feels like to lose all self-esteem and to feel powerless to do anything about it. But I also know how it feels to come back from it, bigger and bolder than ever before. For me, challenge created life-enriching change, and I desperately want to help women like you navigate that challenge in the most supported and empowered way possible, so you can too create life-enriching change and become the very best, most confident, authentic version of yourself.



Coaching with Georgie was such an overwhelmingly positive experience. I felt low but through Georgie’s positive encouragement, listening and understanding along with tailored tools to help me work through my specific struggles I feel like I’ve gained a more positive outlook on what I’m doing now and a clearer insight into what I want to achieve in the future. She allows you to open up about any struggles and helps you identify what might be causing them - it’s not just someone giving you the answer you want to hear but rather helping you figure it out for yourself. Georgie’s positivity is magnetic - I felt so comfortable and un-judged speaking with her about my issues. I would encourage anyone who is having trouble with anxiety or going through any emotional hurdles to engage with Georgie!


I couldn't have asked for a more supportive, understanding and encouraging coach. Georgie really helped me gain more focus and clarity on the kind of things I want from life. This ranged from some of my deeper desires and emotional career changes, down to more practical organisational and time management skills. It was so nice to catch up every 2 weeks and be in a really open, confidential and supportive space. I felt that Georgie was always so genuine, understanding and reassuring with everything I had to say. She is an excellent listener and would always pick up on every word I said - she is super organised and remembers everything! After every session she would check-in and follow up to help reiterate and clarify what we had focused on in the session. After only 6 sessions I feel a huge improvement with my sense of direction in life and couldn't have done it without her. I would recommend Georgie in a heartbeat!


The biggest gain I made from my sessions with Georgie was clarity and a feeling of freedom from some of the things stressing me out or negative thought patterns. In my sessions, Georgie helped guide me to discovering the root of of the roadblocks. Being able to identify them helped me acknowledge and release them. She also helped me uncover some tools to get me back into the high-vibe mindset where I do my best work. She is kind, compassionate, grounded and knows her stuff. She listens intently and asks questions that get to the root of things. I always left my sessions feeling calm, motivated and with increased clarity. She listens intently, asks thoughtful questions and creates a comfortable space for you to discover more clarity in your life and business. Our sessions together made a positive impact in both my professional and personal life. I can't thank her enough. I would wholeheartedly recommend Georgie!

Working with Georgie has been transformational. Over the course of 3 months, I’ve been able to re-shift my thought patterns and - for the first time in my life - start to make decisions that feel right for me in a guilt free way. That has felt truly freeing and empowering. When I started sessions with Georgie, I was struggling with a constant pattern of negative, spiralling and anxious thoughts. These were often paired with finding it difficult to have, or face up to, challenging conversations. Our sessions have taught me to be more present, be accepting of my feelings and find techniques to deal more easily with ruminating thoughts. Working with Georgie has been transformational. She’s a compassionate and understanding coach with the biggest heart. Georgie has made me look at my challenges through a completely different lens. No matter the ‘weight’ of the issue, our sessions are upbeat and filled with constant questioning and reflection… as well as a huge amount of giggles in between. Georgie is always the first to celebrate my successes - no matter how small - and has made me see the huge progress I’ve made, all with her support and guidance!


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