4 months of 1:1 coaching for heart-led women ready to break free from self-sabotage and into self-mastery

Are you ready to liberate yourself from the stories, beliefs, behaviours and patterns keeping you stuck on the same ol' merri-go-round so you can confidently claim the love, life and career you crave?


I know you’re a curious, passionate and deeply emotional woman. Like me, you crave depth, substance, and meaning.

Superficial, surface-level interactions just don’t do it for you. You’re deeply inquisitive and revel in the deeper meaning, nuance and complexity of life.

There is so much more to you that meets the eye.

You possess a deep, unwavering inner power that up until now, you’ve been too afraid, too self-doubting, too distracted, to activate.

But now? It’s time.

You’re ready to explore the deeper layers of yourself, so you can heal and reveal the parts of yourself that PLEAD to be unleashed and confidently claim the love, life and career you deeply crave.

You’re ready to release yourself from the shackles of your self-imposed limitations.

You’re ready to step up, step out and into the ring of life – where deep down, you know you're resilient enough to be.

No more playing small, shying away or pretending you're 'too much' or not 'good enough'.

You’re ready to get out of your own way.

You’re ready to take control of your life and start living as your most empowered, resilient and confident self.


YES! That's ME!


You’re already pretty self-aware you’ve talked yourself to death in therapy sessions, read your friend's copy of 'Attached', saved hundreds of motivational memes on IG… but somehow you still find yourself slipping into the same behaviour patterns or cycles of self-sabotage. You’re ready to take action, choose differently, and change your behaviour for good.

You crave to be seen, heard and understood by your partner, peers and colleagues in the full range of your emotional spectrum, without fear of judgement or being made to feel like you’re ‘crazy’, 'weak' or 'not good enough'.

You want to hone and harness your energy and create healthy, strong boundaries so you can live a vibrant, nourishing life without feeling drained, frustrated and resentful.

You want to build resilience to handle the inevitable high’s and low’s of life, without running away or feeling out of control.

You’re ready to express your voice, your ideas and opinions without shying away.

You’re ready to liberate yourself from the stories, narratives, thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back until now, so you can embody your most courageous, authentic self and create success and fulfilment in all areas of life.

Emotionally overwhelmed or out of control
You feel stressed, burnt out and overwhelmed from rollercoaster emotions and ruminating thoughts. You feel easily triggered, struggle to regulate your emotions, have difficulty understanding or communicating your feelings leading to emotional outbursts where you say things you regret, which often impact your relationships.

Blocked, stagnant or stuck
You feel 'stuck-in-the-mud' - lacking energy, motivation or ‘get up and go’, with no real understanding of 'why' you feel stuck. You procrastinate over taking action, because you don’t know which action to take, and feel like the life force has been zapped out of you.

Holding onto unresolved emotions
You’re holding onto unresolved tension from your past which is draining your vitality, life force energy and ability to truly enjoy life in the present, but you’re unsure how to move past it

Self-doubting, low confidence or low self-esteem 
Your inner critic puts you down and keeps you from believing in yourself, using your voice and going after what you want – whether that’s starting your own business, going travelling or going on a date, your fear of 'failure' or what others think of you is keeping you small. You constantly feel like you're ‘not good enough’ or ‘too much’ in some way.

Frustrated that you keep engaging in the same, repetitive, dysfunctional dynamics
Whether you people-please to the point of burn out, procrastinate over career goals, feel pressure from perfectionist tendencies, engage in co-dependent relationships or have avoidant behaviour traits – you find yourself slipping into the same old patterns (attracting the same people and experiences over and over again) creating extreme high's and low low's which is exhausting.





Feel capable and resourced to navigate triggering moments with greater ease and self-trust, to gracefully respond rather than ‘react’, and maintain healthy, happy and harmonious relationships as a result

Have an arsenal of practices to cultivate and sustain your energy, motivating you to take bold action in the direction you choose and lead a more vibrant, pleasure-filled and purpose-driven life

Free yourself from past pain and live a life of deep peace and acceptance

Unwavering confidence in yourself, your expression and your abilities, with the courage to show up with self-assurance, authenticity and integrity in all areas of life without fear of judgement, rejection or criticism – no more playing small or believing you aren’t good enough!

Overcome repetitive cycles of self-sabotage and start to embody the type of person you say you want to be, so you can finally become an energetic match for the career, love or life that you so crave to have.


To feel like you're trying so hard, putting in so much effort to better yourself, but can't quite seem to shift the needle.

Talking yourself in circles and regurgitating the same issue over and over again to your friends; trying so hard to analyse or 'make sense' of your feelings or why someone acted the way they did towards you; reading all the motivational, self-development books but forgetting every nugget of information after you've read it.

Why is none of it working?


ARE YOUR READY? scroll on...

You've been looking for answers in the wrong places. No book, podcast or friend is going to gift you the peace and freedom you crave to feel. No amount of money, item of clothing, pounds lost or Netflix show is going to give you that sense of freedom. You may find temporary relief in external validation, reassurance or praise, but enduring freedom?

That has to come from you. You must cultivate and embody it from within.

It comes from your ability to look inwards. In your ability to confront the deeper, shadowy layers of yourself. In your ability to feel your feelings without running away. In your ability to get deeply intimate with yourself, in a way you've never done before.

Until you increase your capacity to tolerate and be with the fullness of your own unique human experience and all that encompasses without retreating from it, you'll stay stuck in the same, habitual cycles you've always played out.

You must find the courage to feel it all. You must be brave enough to meet the parts of yourself you don't like. You must build the resilience required to move through the mud. For it's through the mud, that the most exquisite peace, expansion and freedom awaits.





Let's break it down...

During the first few sessions, you will begin to identify both the conscious and subconscious drivers of your behaviour and gain a deeper awareness and understanding of the personal experiences that have influenced your self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotional triggers, compulsions and self-sabotaging patterns.

95% of your behaviour patterns are driven by unconscious processes, meaning that the majority of the decisions you make, the actions you take, the emotions you have and behavioural patterns you engage in, lie beyond your conscious awareness. It’s only when we start bringing our unconscious processes into the light of our conscious awareness, that we can finally ‘un-stick’ ourselves from self-sabotaging patterns that aren’t serving us and transform them into healthier behaviours.

You will cultivate the safety to reveal, feel, and heal the emotional wounds and unresolved experiences beneath the symptoms of self-sabotage e.g. people-pleasing, procrastination, avoidance, staying small, co-dependence, hyper-independence, 'checking out', emotional outbursts or toxic romantic cycles.

The next phase of the coaching process supports you in dissolving the emotional wounds and unresolved experiences that have kept you 'stuck' or in cycles of self-sabotage.

This is the stage you will start to transform unresolved pain and turn it into your power. Shifting your behaviour on a visceral level, transforming self-doubt into self-confidence, self-sabotage into self-mastery, and self-criticism into self-worth.

You will start to integrate the tools, techniques and practices learnt into your daily life, which will enable you to overcome self-sabotaging compulsions IN THE MOMENT whilst being able to regulate, release and express your emotions safely and responsibly.

You will unlearn the coping mechanisms and survival strategies that were propelling cycles of self-sabotage, and instead adopt new, effective strategies that are healthy, effective and conducive for building the life your desire to lead.

You will come home to yourself, remember your true nature, feel safe in yourself and your body, build emotional resilience and lean into a deep sense of self-trust.

By month 4, with consistent practice and devoted integration time, you will start to deeply embody the concepts learned, shifting from intellectually understanding what transformation is 'supposed' to feel like, to feeling it on a visceral, tangible, FELT level.

Much of our subconscious is stored within the viscera of our bodies (memories, beliefs, perceptions etc) so it's vital we work with the body's wisdom to heal our behaviour. It's all very well 'knowing' something, but without embodied wisdom (felt deep within the body), behaviour change would take much longer. 

You will start operating from a place of deeply embodied self-worth, choosing to respond to habitual patterns in new, healthy and effective ways that serve your highest potential and allow you to become an energetic match for the love, life and career you desire to have. No more shying away, limiting your expression, checking out or choosing men who treat your badly. You have been reprogrammed.

Get ready to settle into a deep, unwavering self-confidence and LIBERATE yourself from the burden of old ways so you can make space for the version of yourself you came here to be - who you know you are in truth.








8 x 60 minute coaching calls via zoom

To safely explore and excavate your unconscious patterns, self-sabotaging behaviours, unmet needs, unprocessed emotions or limiting beliefs keeping you stuck on the same ol’ merri-go-round. You can expect to work in-session with a number of methods and techniques including:  CBT, subconscious reprogramming, inner child work, shadow work, parts work, somatic experiencing, nervous system regulation, emotional management techniques and embodiment practices.

Ongoing support

Direct and personalised support via email and/or WhatsApp 5 days a week (Mon-Fri), between the hours of 10am - 5pm. Whether you're having a 'wobble' or celebrating a 'win', I will be on call to support you through your process and help you to integrate your learnings from our sessions so you can apply them in real life scenarios. Expect to receive bespoke exercises, tasks, tools, journal prompts, rituals and methods to support your process.

Regular check in's

Choosing to invest in yourself and dive deep into your inner world for the sake of transformation, is not for the faint of hearted. It takes effort, courage and commitment. I am not your 'mummy' or your 'guru', but rather a 'guide' supporting you in continually coming home to YOURSELF, so you can make aligned decisions and take empowered action from this place. I will regularly check-in with you, lovingly challenge you and fully support you on your journey.

'tranSformation is an alchemical process, it takes energy, containment, patience, fire, and it takes courage.'

- alexandra roxo




Hear from clients...

I don’t really have the words to express what an incredibly powerful experience this has been for me.

When I came to Georgie I had very low self-esteem and people’s opinions of me easily influenced how I thought of myself. I found it difficult to praise myself and I could never think of any good qualities I had. I found social situations difficult sometimes - I would often get caught in this cycle of thinking I was incredibly boring and feeling an immense pressure to keep conversation going all the time to prove that I was interesting and chatty. It made it hard for me to be present in conversations and I often felt I wasn’t being my true self. I had also recently gone through a break-up and I felt completely lost, I felt disconnected from myself and my emotions.

Through our sessions, I developed a strong foundation of self-respect. I understand my value and I can say that I really like myself! It has affected how I act in my relationship, how I act at work and my attitude to life. This sounds so hyperbolic but it really has been life-changing. I appreciate life so much more, the small things, the big things, people.

What I value most about the sessions with Georgie is that I felt it was such a holistic approach. The mix of talking therapy, somatic sessions and behavioural mapping worked on so many levels that I gained awareness of myself and my emotions in a much deeper way than I would have done with just one approach. As the months progressed, the connection cultivated between my mind and body helped me to connect more deeply with myself, my behaviours and my emotions.

Understanding that emotions show up physically has been a key lesson for me. Following Georgie’s guidance, I now pay attention when I feel sensations arise and following processes that we did together, I can now map my behaviour patterns which is so important for better understanding myself and raising awareness of my emotions. Emotions don’t scare me so much anymore - I have learned to welcome them in rather than avoid them.

Georgie is a very special person, her energy and approach put me at complete ease and she creates an environment where sharing feels easy and right. I never felt judged, my words were always listened to and I felt valued. Georgie’s ability to listen, understand and pick up on subtle clues and language was incredibly powerful in helping me better understand myself. It was a beautiful journey and I can’t think of anyone whose life wouldn’t be little (or a lot!) better with GC coaching.


It has been the most amazing experience coaching with Georgie. I can't believe how much I've learned about myself as well as how to cope with the world around me. 

When I started coaching with Georgie I was feeling really stuck and unsure whether I was making decisions in my life that were going to lead to my happiness. I was second guessing every decision I was making - overthinking the past and terrified of the future. I wasn't living in the present and it was causing me a lot of anxiety. I also have an abandonment wound and this was showing up in my relationships in anger and disconnect. 

Working with Georgie opened my eyes to how much I was neglecting my own person needs, and in place allowing myself to be ruled by the idea of what I 'should' be doing, what I thought people and society 'expect' me to be doing. I have learned that any time I am feeling uncomfortable, I need to connect with myself and my own needs before anything else.

I have learned to recognise where my emotions are coming from and if they are in reaction to a past pain, and therefore become a conditioned pattern or way of behaving, rather than who I am in truth. I’ve learnt that they just need space and recognition. By doing this, I have been able to regulate myself much better in moments where I am anxious, upset, angry or stressed. I have learnt to value the more uncomfortable emotions, and use them as signifiers that something is off kilter. The change in perspective here is so liberating.

I have learnt that I am in control of my own behaviour and actions, and how to put that into action through healthy communication. I have found small meditation techniques that work for me to help me calm down and feel more present. I have felt more motivated to do, and put more time into the things that make me feel good - exercise, opening up to loved ones, less drinking etc. I am committed to always listening to my body and feelings, as I now know they often drive my behaviour. I’m much less anxious in my relationship and I don’t need constant communication and reassurance. I feel like I am far more flexible and just more focused on the present, which has created so much more ease and harmony in my life.

Georgie is incredibly empathetic and managed to make me feel so at ease. I was able to open up about my deepest darkest thoughts and feelings, some that had never been outwardly expressed before. Having an hour every couple of weeks to express myself in a place of complete non-judgment, was incredible. I can 100% say I felt much safer and more open than I ever did in any of my therapy sessions last year. Opening up as much as I did has really got SO much off my chest, and that's not mentioning how much I've learned about how to work with my emotions, feelings, needs and thoughts.


Working with Georgie was so powerful it bought me to tears – and it sure has opened the doorway for my confidence.

Before coming to Georgie, I was emotionally repressed, to say the least. I’m a deep feeling, very passionate person, which often manifested in anger. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for over a year and suffered mentally at the hands of my caregivers growing up, so there was a lot of unresolved pain lurking beneath the surface. I felt constantly tense, weak and easily manipulated. I was at one of my lowest when I came across Georgie and her work.

From just ONE session with Georgie, I felt more confident in my ability to hold myself, to find and curate larger safe spaces in my body, and feel less ‘crazy’ in my emotions. With Georgie’s gentle facilitation, non-judgement and understanding, I was able to get to the root of my anger, and say ‘hello’ to deeper emotions beneath the anger, being sadness, hurt and disappointment. Once I accessed these deeper parts of me, and fully embraced them, I started to feel less judgemental towards them.

Being in session with Georgie was one of the first times in my life I didn’t feel judged for who I am, and it made me feel safe to stop judging myself and to work through it healthily. This experience was incredibly healing for me. Georgie showed me, through an experiential practice, what it feels like to have a healthy friendship/mentorship/relation with someone. I also realised that an emotion doesn’t have to be scary. It reminded me of Halloween. All something scary is, is a collection of misunderstanding and misconnections in the brain. I loved that ‘aha’ moment.

I feel safer to express my true feelings, rather than mask them with dominance or anger. I feel more able to hold myself, I feel mature, sexy, grounded, more whole, more in control, more boundaried, I feel prouder in my skin, and overall freer in myself and my ability to feel fully, release and let go. I feel like this experience has really helped me move forward into my soul mission + huge vision for my life.















Support, ground and resource yourself through triggering moments.

Move through big or uncomfortable emotions with grace, resilience and compassion.

Interrupt old patterns and consciously choose to respond differently.

Show up with self-assurance, authenticity and integrity in all areas of life without fear of judgement, rejection or criticism.

Courageously follow the thread of your desires, and in doing so reclaim your purpose, passion, and inherent power.

Accept and genuinely celebrate yourself for who you are and what you bring to the table.

Manage self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and have complete faith in yourself and your capabilities.

Speak up, set boundaries or say 'no' instead of over-giving and abandoning your own needs.

Communicate effectively in moments of rupture or conflict, instead of avoiding to 'keep the peace' or prevent 'drama'.

Listen to the wisdom, truth and intuition held in your body, instead of constantly ruminating in your head.

Confidently go after your dreams without hesitation. 

Feel a deep sense of peace, contentment and excitement with where you're at and the journey ahead.

Trust in the Universe and revel in aaaall the feels of this human experience!


You are ready to be challenged in new and unfamiliar ways.

You are ready to fully TRUST the coaching process.

You are committed to making a change in order to achieve the life that you truly desire.

You know that investing in self-development is the most rewarding way of spending your money.

You're frustrated to the point of fury with getting in your own way, and truly ready to take responsibility for your life and step into your inherent power and potential.

You are looking for a quick fix. As your coach, I am here to support you. I'm not here to 'fix', 'solve' or 'save' you - because hunny, you're not broken and you don't need saving.

You are unwilling to make a change or discover new, unfamiliar ways of working or thinking.

You’re happy to stoically muscle on by yourself and unwilling to ask of support.

You don’t believe spending money on self-development is the most expansive and rewarding way of spending your money.

You do not want to be challenged.





4 x Payments




1 x Payment



2 x Payment

The Investment




I didn't always feel free.

I spent years suppressing my emotional expression for fear of appearing 'weak', 'broken' or a 'burden'.

I spent years suppressing my true, mystic nature for fear of being criticised, judged or ridiculed.

I spent years suppressing my deepest desires because they didn't 'fit' with what was 'expected' of me.

I spent years pleasing and appeasing others in order to be liked and loved.

I spent years in toxic dynamics sabotaging healthy love, happiness and harmony. 

By my mid twenties, I felt totally lost, unfulfilled and completely disconnected from myself, soon spiralling into anxiety and depression.

So take it from me, I understand the impact of feeling completely stuck and stifled by the life you're living. 

Meet your guide

Empowerment Coach & Somatic Guide


Not one to take things lying down, I threw myself into the work required to re-connect, rediscover and rebuild myself.

I invested in therapists, coaches, bought books, took up various healing modalities and most importantly, I did the work. 

Over the years, my confidence, self-esteem, self-worth grew tenfold. I started to revel in the human experience, welcoming and embracing my feelings with awe and acceptance. I learnt how to manage, feel, regulate, release, express and communicate my feelings without retreating or shying away. I discovered that my sensitivity was my ultimate superpower! I transformed self-sabotaging behaviours of people-pleasing, co-dependency, hyper-independency and avoidance into healthy relational patterns which brought me more connection and intimacy.  I learnt how to assert healthy boundaries and how to sustain my energy for more aliveness. I quit my job, went freelance, travelled the world and started building my coaching business.

I'm now 31, supporting and teaching women like you how to build emotional resilience, develop self-trust and self-confidence so you can, too, take action and live your most vibrant and fulfilled life, free from limitation or inhibition.

Are you ready to liberate yourself?

As seen in...




The 1-1 coaching sessions will take place fortnightly over the course of 4 or 6 months. I conduct all sessions over Zoom which allows access from anywhere in the world. From experience, fortnightly sessions help clients with accountability, consistency and above all has proven to be the most effective time-frame for powerful transformations to occur with sufficient integration time between sessions.


Yes! I offer bespoke support in between sessions via email and WhatsApp. After every session I will follow up with tailored tools, techniques and notes to help keep you accountable and to help you implement and integrate your learnings from the sessions. I am also available from 9am - 5pm via WhatsApp and aim to respond as soon as I can if I am not on a client call.


Yes! There are 3 payment options. You can either opt to pay in full (£1,800), x2 payments (£900) or monthly (£450). Feel free to drop me an email if you'd like to explore and discuss further.